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#1 online store Enaa will be our partner in 2021

#1 online store Enaa will be our partner in 2021

EnaA is the online store no. 1 in Slovenia. As the largest online shopping portal operating since February 1999, they initially offered mainly computer equipment, and today more than 15,000 consumers shop on their online store on a monthly basis. The portal is managed by the company Gambit trade, which was somehow the first company to establish the "Amazon" style of sales in Slovenia, even before Amazon became recognizable.

The EnaA online store currently enables sales to around 300 partners from Slovenia and abroad. Every year, they develop new ways of selling online, with the support of artificial intelligence, selling in virtual reality, new ways of paying and managing deliveries, and digital transmission of feelings (touch, smell, taste).

Recently, more and more people are connecting with startups, which they help with experience, the possibility of inclusion and testing on their platform, and investments. Last but not least, they try to act like a real online store that gives customers a real user experience. They offer a variety of products, and our players mostly use the purchase of car tires and computer equipment. The club itself buys a variety of massage aids and physiotherapy aids.

As we enter matches against opponents ourselves, so you can enter the match and see how quickly your offers can get to the top spots on Enaa. The Enaa online store boasts the fastest delivery in Slovenia, thanks to the shipping and logistics system. They say it doesn’t go faster. Just like it doesn’t go faster than our # 20 and # 23 on the court.

The Enaa online store takes care of the precise and appropriate handling of goods and delivery. Many years of experience have been built into excellent logistics process management software. This allows them, on average, one day shorter delivery times compared to competing providers. In doing so, it can offer our customers a choice between all popular delivery and payment methods.

The Enaa logo will adorn our new jerseys. Our players will wear the logo on the right front of the jersey. The Enaa online store has always been on our side as well as on the customer side. This year, they want to bring the Enaa brand closer to end customers and our followers. Our task is to be a good ambassador and to achieve successful results. Enaa as an online store is based on equality and mutual respect of all involved. Their services are always available with low entry costs and proportionate to the sales result, which deprives you of search time. Their prices are friendlier than your mother-in-law.

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