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Accounting Skok jumped with us into the new season as well.

Accounting Skok jumped with us into the new season as well.

Alenka Skok is the owner of accounting Skok, which is based in Mozirje and has been operating since 1991. Alenka Skok takes care of the balance sheets of micro-companies, companies, associations and farms. With his knowledge, she helps local customers to the desired numbers. Under its auspices, it already offers support to more than 200 companies. As companies, as well as sports associations with all restrictions, we need accounting, which submits balance sheets to us every year until the end of March. We are not all created for everyone and we cannot all be experts in all areas.

Otherwise, we like nice numbers in every club, especially the growth in the field of sponsorships, but we are a little less happy when it comes to assets and liabilities. We ourselves believe that within each club there should be some person who is an accountant and a financial accountant from accounting, either a student or already an employed person. Our experience is that accountants are a thorn in the side but they are one of the few people who can say yes and no. And such are the Accountants Jump friendly at the same time saying no.

So we don't waste clubs unnecessarily, and we take care of the green numbers at the end of the year. Accounting Skok enters the new season as a sponsor of Ljubljana Frogs. For the second year in a row. They themselves say that they themselves do not need advertising, because in their work no advertising is worth as much as that of the word of mouth of satisfied customers anyway. The Accounting Skok logo will adorn our new jerseys on the back, and we will hang their banner on the playground in Črnuče.

We like to take care of our sponsors - especially those who have been with us from the very beginning - because we are aware of the importance of long-term cooperation with sponsors who support such small clubs as ours. Flag football as a sport is not yet recognizable and interesting for larger sponsors, so it is necessary to work with small ones and try to bring the Računovodstvo Skok brand closer to our followers.

If you need SKOK in your green balance sheets, they are definitely the right place in Accounting Skok. Of course, you will receive special attention if you state during your contact that you are a supporter of the Ljubljana Frogs flag football club.