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Ljubljana Frogs are entering in new season with a bang

Ljubljana Frogs are entering in new season with a bang

We are entering this season with new personalized jerseys provided by Sportajmo and Erreà Sport. The jerseys will be sleeveless and will be made of T-energy material, which is waterproof, does not bind microbes and is designed for all weather conditions. Despite the heavy rains, our players will stay "dry" under the jerseys.

The jerseys were designed by our graphic designer Aljaz Kocevar, who says that the jerseys presented him with many obstacles as he wanted to arrange all the data, but he still wanted a minimalist design.

“I designed new jerseys for the Ljubljana Frogs club in order to show Slovenia, Europe and the world that even with the limited funds that an amateur club receives, it is possible to achieve the highest level of professionalism, which the entire Ljubljana Frogs club strives for. In 2020 we spent the baptism of fire or "rookie" season in SFFL and we will enter the new season of competitions in a new look that reflects maturity, effort and dedication and at the same time represents white Ljubljana, green capital, blue Ljubljanica and a hint of mortality in black. Designing a jersey is definitely a big responsibility, as it is a solution that will last for at least a few years, and at the same time a first-class challenge. How to communicate all the attributes that make a club unique, through a T-shirt and panties, without the use of words, but only with colours and shapes, is definitely the biggest challenge I have faced so far, and at the same time I think I solved it well, ” said Aljaž Kočevar.

The story behind the jersey is quite simple and represents our club and Ljubljana. The primary colour is white, which adorns the impressive City of Ljubljana. Green represents the green capital of Europe, which shot Ljubljana to the top of all capitals. The upper blue line illustrates the sky above Ljubljana Castle. Since the frogs are jumping high with our project, we will jump over that hurdle as well. Our club and players have no boundaries. Green is also the colour of devotion to nature and coexistence, in short, the colour exposes our natural soul. The lower part of the jersey adorns the image of Ljubljana Castle, which is our #stronghold. The image of Merlin is drawn on both sides of the panties which illustrates that Merlin sees everything that happens in front of and behind him. The lower blue line illustrates the Ljubljanica, which flows under the castle. Blue is also the colour of the water that frogs need for their lives. The blue colour also illustrates the hidden tourist corner of Ljubljana, Koseški bajer, where the #defendthepond originates.

Players will wear their last name on the back and the number and name of our club on the front., Frelih Wine Cellar, Loo-blah-nah Brewery and Green Studio are the sponsors who will decorate the front of the jersey, while Športajmo, Ramda, Računovodstvo Skok, SOXPro and are the sponsors who will decorate the back of the jersey.

“I am happy to be able to present the new Ljubljana Frog jerseys for the new 2020/21 season. The jerseys are made of special materials ( that provide complete water resistance to our players. The design was prepared by Aljaz, and the colours embody the virtues we stand for. The white colour of charm and honesty, like our game on the court. Green, the colour of energy and nature, is the energy released by our players in harmony with nature. The blue colour of wisdom and stability, like the posture our players have on the court. The purpose of the jersey is also to show the beauty of Ljubljana to foreigners, whom we invite to Visit Ljubljana to experience Ljubljana as we experience it ourselves. Maybe in the future, we will also cooperate with Feel Slovenia and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology to jointly promote the development of sports tourism in Ljubljana, ”concludes the president of Ljubljana Frogs Ivan Mikulus.