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The flag football world stopped again. There are numerous lockdowns, and it’s happening again, with no flag football games and championships. But as much as we want to stay positive (not on the COVID test) friends from Ljubljana Frogs made an appearance. They are going to organize various free clinics. They think the first Errea Bowl will be held on the 3rd and 4th of July in Ljubljana. But before that, they are going to organize free clinics which will be held once per week, 1,5h per clinic. 


 “Flag football is growing every day, even during the pandemic. With the World Championship moved to Israel in December 2021, there is going to be a quick jump to World Games in Alabama, the USA in 2022. We were in talks with IFAF about how to bring the sport even closer to the public, so the sport can really explode. Therefore we want to help non-profits organizations how to run their organization via our blueprint that we implant into our organization. And we have the results to show them. We know and we think every club should have a coach who is only a coach, so therefore we are organizing free clinics with the best people in the game. Last but not least, if the leagues want to become strong and ever more competitive (like the Slovenian flag football league) we have to address refereeing. Only with good refereeing, the league can improve. So that’s why we are partnering with Jed Brookes-Lewis, a referee who has the knowledge of flag football being in a couple of finals (EU and worldwide),” was said by the president of the Ljubljana Frogs Ivan Mikulus. 

Ljubljana Frogs are known in the flag football world for the professional approach to the game even if Flag Football is still an amateur sport. They have a great graphic design, their webpage is made by their players, their marketing and PR approach is even better from some professional sport clubs. 

“Errea bowl is organized by us in July. There are many reasons why we are organizing on 3rd and 4th July. We can’t and we don’t want to make a big splash tournament such as Big Bowl, Flagging New Year, and Sportmonda. We want to give the opportunity to those teams which play in lower divisions so they can gain some international experience. We invited those teams for which we think they are making the biggest progress. Such as Basel Spartans, Zagreb Patriots, Split Seawolves, Atlantic Devils, Latina Buffalos, Sparrows, and so on. Our plan is to make a women division in a couple of years, we just need the time to bring some coaches to Slovenia, so we can start building women teams and younger divisions. Also, we are teaming up with Errea, which will bring closer their products to the teams so they can afford them with a 30-40% discount. The winner of Errea bowl will get brand new jerseys (if we win, then the second team will get them haha),” was said the general manager of Ljubljana Frogs Aljoša Kous, who will also be a keynote speaker at the first online clinics. 

The clinics will be divided into three groups. 

First clinic 04.04.2021-25.04.2021 (1,5h per clinic)

How to run a non-profit flag football team 

Keynote Speaker Aljoša Kous

via Google Meets

How to run a non-profit flag football team-powered by US Embassy Ljubljana

Keynote speaker Aljoša Kous GM Ljubljana Frogs

 Phase one: 

Breaking down Ljubljana Frogs blueprint 

Sunday, 04.04.2021, Google meets, 20:00 (Ljubljana Time)

Contact us for the link 

Phase two:

How to set up marketing and PR campaign

Sunday, 11.04.2021, Google meets, 20:00 

Phase three: 

How to make a great sponsorship offer

Sunday, 18.04.2021, Google meets, 20:00 

Phase four:

How to build a community and have a natural growth 

Sunday, 25.4.2021, Google meets, 20:00

Second clinic 07.05.2021 - 28.05.2021 (1,5h per clinic)

How to coach a flag football team

Keynote speaker Devin Adkins, Lev Petukhov and Michael Reimel

via Google meets 

Phase one: 

How to coach a flag football team

Sunday, 09.05.2021, Google meets, 20:00 (Ljubljana Time)

Phase two: 

How to make an offensive playbook

Sunday, 16.05.2021, Google meets, 20:00

Phase three: 

How to make a defensive playbook

Sunday, 23.05.2021, Google meets, 20:00 

Phase four: 

How to breakdown and analyze the film

Sunday, 30.5.2021, Google meets, 20:00

Third clinic 05.06.2021 - 26.06.2021 (1,5h per clinic)

How to become a solid flag football referee

Keynote speaker Jed Brookes-Lewis

How to become a solid flag football referee (powered by US Embassy Ljubljana)

Keynote speaker Jed Brookes-Lewis

Phase one:

Introduction to refereeing, the responsibilities, common fouls, and how to manage players. 

Saturday, 05.05.2021, Google Meets, 20:00 (Ljubljana Time)

Phase two: 

Mechanics for working the referee and down judge positions

Saturday, 12.06.2021, Google meets, 20:00 

Phase three: 

Mechanics for working the field judge and side judge positions

Saturday, 19.06.2021, Google meets, 20:00

Phase four:

Understanding illegal contact and pass interference - When to call the fouls

Saturday, 26.06.2021, Google meets, 20:00

If you need more information regarding this matter writes them an email on or their IG or FB account Ljubljana Frogs. The link to free clinics will be provided by their side.