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We will bear a name ERREA Ljubljana Frogs in the 2021 season

We will bear a name ERREA Ljubljana Frogs in the 2021 season

Errea is an Italian sportswear manufacturer. They already have more than 1000 clubs in their portfolio, and one of these clubs is also Ljubljana Frogs. Errea offers us top service, with fast delivery, excellent quality and top price. This year we will be performing in brand new jerseys, with brand new material on the market. T energy is a fabric made of nanoparticles of zinc oxide, which are permanently enclosed in fibers and due to their properties activate an integrated antibacterial seal, which can further minimize the presence of microbes, while also being a barrier to:

  • drops,

  • liquids,

  • bacteria,

  • body odor,

  • UV rays,

  • Skin rubbing.

The new Errea Ti-energy fabric is the latest result of research and refinement, started 12 years ago, it has an essential water-repellent property; this means that the liquid that comes in contact with the fabric cannot penetrate and wet it. In fact, the liquid in the drops simply slides off the surface, removing impurities and preventing the formation of mold, unpleasant odors and stains.

Our new Errea jerseys are also certified for Oeko-Tex Standard 100, it is 100% recyclable and its care is environmentally friendly. The Errea T-energy jersey gets significantly less dirty than regular fabrics, so it can be washed with smaller doses of detergent and without the need for high temperatures. Regardless of the weather conditions, our players with Errea jerseys will remain waterproof. This will reduce the chances of colds, kidney disease, low back pain, etc. Errea also allows us, as a sports club, to choose our own design that represents the colours of our sports club in the best sense.

As always, the Italian company Errea pays attention to the health and well-being of its consumers from the world of sports. The new Ti-energy fabric can even be used to make garments that can be certified as medical equipment. An important opportunity for greater safety in protecting the health of all athletes. In order for Errea to become recognizable in our sport, we will carry the name of the Errea Ljubljana Frogs team as last year and thus try to bring the brand even closer to the players of our sport. More information about the Italian sportswear brand you can find here, more about our sponsors you can find here.