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EnaA Ljubljana Frogs

Join us

Do you wanna join #FrogArmy? Here is some information you need.

We train 4 times per week:
Monday 18.00-19.30
Tuesday 18.00-19.30
Wednesday 18.00-19.30
Thursday 18.00-19.30

The yearly membership is 240€. For membership, you get a bag, which includes 4 T-shirts, 2 shorts, 4 pair of socks (practice), 2 pair of socks (games), 2 tracksuits (trousers + upper), 2 jerseys (trousers + upper), polo T-shirt with your number and last name, belt, flags, and other perks, such as physiotherapy gear, food supplements, discounts, film rooms, etc.

The membership is non-refundable and it has to be paid in one payment.

We have an offensive coordinator and a defensive coordinator. Every player has his assignment in the club. We work as a family and we treat you as a part of the #FrogArmy family.

We play Croatian National flag football leagues, Slovenian National flag football league, and we travel to King Bowl in Utrecht, Flagging New Year in Scotland and we are organizing the Stronghold bowl, which will be held in July in Ljubljana.

We aim to be the top 3 teams in Slovenia and the top 15 teams in Europe. Even if you pay the membership, that doesn’t give you an automatic spot in the starting lineup and roster. We won’t have more than 25 people on our team.

If you have any additional questions you can write to [email protected]