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EnaA Ljubljana Frogs


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We strongly believe that each athlete and person who devotes his life and time to the sport, regardless of their level, should have the opportunity to feel like a pro. Love, tenacity, the desire to improve their performance are willings that go beyond trophies. SockPro has been created to help players to achieve their dreams and feed their passion. It is a product for everyone. Even for the Ljubljana Frogs

Enaa is one of the best internet sale websites based on equality and mutual respect of all involved. Their services are always available at low stop costs and proportionate to the sales results that deprive you of search time. Their prices are more friendlier than your mother in law.

Računovodstvo Skok

Accounting service Skok is based in Mozirje and has been operating since 1991. Alenka Skok takes care of the balance sheets of micro-companies, companies, associations, and farms. With his knowledge, he helps local customers reach green numbers. If you need a JUMP into your green balance sheets, they are definitely the right place.

For decades, the Frelih wine cellar has been a tradition of producing grapes and making wines of the best quality. At the international Decanter competition, they always reach for medals, and their pride is sparkling wines, made by the traditional method, and wines matured in special oak barrels.

The company is engaged in the sale of devices for physiotherapy and sports. They offer top-quality items for rehabilitation, sports and sports regeneration. Hypervolt, Hyperice, Normatech and GripIt kinesio tapes are products that we also use in our club to facilitate the rehabilitation of our athletes.

New Era Slovenija

New Era Cap is the largest and fastest growing company in the world, engaged in the manufacture of strokes, clothing and fashion accessories. The beginnings of the company date back to 1920 and since 1934 his path has been strongly intertwined with sports. It is the official cap of the NFL National Football League.

Looblahnah is a local Ljubljana craft brewery and its goal is to make the best beer as far as it is in human hands. Their main effort is to respect and follow the brewing tradition.

LUČE is an idyllic mountain village, near unspoilt forests along the contours of the Rivers Savinja and Lučnica.

Located in Dob, Slovenia near the larger city of Domžale, the company boasts a tradition of creating high-quality pharmaceutical-grade herbal products spanning back over 60 years.

E&A rehab is a physiotherapy evidence-based firm, which help our players become better and with less injuries.

Today, with more than 500,000 participants, NFL FLAG continues to evolve. It’s a pathway for female athletes to play in college, as well as an outlet for tackle athletes to compete in the offseason. But as NFL FLAG grows, one thing stays the same: It’s a place for every boy and girl to play football.

ROTOKS SLOVENIA is a proud sponsor of Ljubljana Frogs, which ensures a clean and tidy infrastructure with tools and accessories that can be purchased from Rotoks.

They work in technical security or security engineering and management. They focus on sophisticated technical security solutions for the protection of assets and persons.

Oral solution for intensive oral care and relief of periodontal tissue diseases: ✔ for irritated, inflamed, bleeding gums ✔ in case of periodontal disease ✔ after surgical interventions ✔ in adults for everyday use DOES NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL or CHLORHEXIDINE. The product is suitable both for preventing problems and for maintaining intensive oral hygiene.