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Enaa Ljubljana Frogs Roster for the 4th season in the Slovenian flag football league is set

Enaa Ljubljana Frogs Roster for the 4th season in the Slovenian flag football league is set

#1 Darko Stevic is a young Serbian who did his general practice at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana. He returned to Sremska Mitrovica in June and July to finish the last two exams, and then he was supposed to return to Ljubljana to play. 

#4 Dejan Godec is a veteran on defence, but he suffered an injury at the Adria Bowl. 6-8 weeks of intense work are ahead of him before he can get back on the court, so we are counting on the second flag puller in the SFFL, last season, in the second part of the season.

#7 Nils Just is the first foreigner in our green and white uniform. The German international is a great addition to the Slovenian scene, which indicates that more and more foreign players are following our league and our club. Nils is an incredible athlete who shows great promise and we believe that with his hard work and knowledge transfer we will raise the level of our game to a little higher level.

#8 Žan Luka Cegnar is with us for the third Enaa season. The giant recorded 5 sacks last year, but there is definitely still some room for improvement. Every season, Zhan Luka is getting higher and higher, so it will be interesting to see how he performs this year outside of his primary position. 

#10 Aleks Bordon is a fast-footed catcher who is a standard member of our offence. This year, he also tried his hand in a defensive role in the SFFC. He's definitely got an interesting season ahead of him where he's going to give the defensive players a few fits.

#12 Matevž Račič is our youngest member. He is only 14 years old and has already shown at the Adria Bowl and SFFC what it means to play and pass at a high level against more experienced players. This year he is not old enough to play in the SFFL league, but he will be with us in every tournament. 

#15 Rj Williamson is a player who is probably one of the best players in the SFFL. The American has been with us since the very first game and last year he won silver against the champions Badgers scoring 4 touchdowns. He will only be with us for the first part of the season this year, as he is moving back to the USA. But we will definitely do everything we can to bring him back for the final tournament!

#20 Uros Krizan is a 15-year-old rookie with a lot of promise. The tall lanky skinny kid took his first flag football steps with the Ljubljana Mustangs, and this will be his first season as a Frog. 

#23 Žan Ocvirk is the veteran of the team and currently, the leading catcher with the most touchdowns scored, with 50 in three seasons. We can't count on his services in the first part of the season this year, but we believe he will help the team to its second 🏆 in September. 

#27 Jacob Arbanas is also a rookie in the 5 on 5 versions of flag football. He is an American living and working in Aviano, Italy. Jacob is stepping into the big shoes of RJ Williamson, but certainly the former tackle and 7-on-7 version player has enough skill in his feet and hands to quickly climb the list of players with the most intercepted passes in the Ljubljana Frogs. 

#28 @Alexsander Rolli Pregelj is also a newcomer in our ranks, who used to play flag in Italy, in Trieste, in the youth selections. His path took him to Ljubljana and he joined #frogarmy. He was injured in one of the first training sessions and will be out of action in the first part of the season, but will show his speed in the second part of the season.

#31 Aljosa Kous, our outstanding veteran, is the first on the list today. As the captain of the defence last year, he was the best in the league at performing flag pull techniques, which shows his exceptional skill. With a lot of experience in his career, he is one of the most experienced members of our team. He has tested himself in many tournaments against the best players in Europe and now he will be passing on his knowledge to the younger players in this year's SFFL league, which he still wants to win before retirement, which gives him even more motivation.

#77 Luka Kužnik, you may have confused him with the famous Dončič, but we have to disappoint you because here he is Kužnik. A big fan of Doncic as a player, Luka took the court in his first pair of sneakers, which still give him a bit of trouble. He scored his first touchdown as a rookie against the Knigts at SFFC, which is a great start to the season and a good prospect for the future, hopefully, Doncic becomes the flag of football. 

#84 Marcel Medvesek is also a rookie, as was his teammate Kuznik. Marcel has been "friends" with the sport of American football for a long time, as he and his twin brother have often thrown and caught passes. This young player shows great promise both on offence and defence and has a bright future ahead of him if he takes advantage of all the opportunities that come his way.

#87 Gašper Bajt, is an experienced passer who took over the role after the departure of young Mićić to Velenje. His main task is to lead the attack on the pitch, while he also plays a secondary role in passing on his knowledge to the young passer Račić. Gašper, perennially "third" in the SFFL standings, will be fighting for his first SFFL final.

#90 Jan Green Lovse is in his second season with us, last season as a rookie he recorded 7 sacks and 1 tackle. The green and white has always been close to his heart as an Olimpija fan, but he will try to win his first major crown in the SFFL. He is probably the most talked about person inside our team, hopefully his words will turn into actions.