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Frogs are going to the first international flag football tournament abroad Adria Bowl

Frogs are going to the first international flag football tournament abroad Adria Bowl

Tomorrow we are going to the first international tournament, in Rovinj, where we will play 4 matches in group A.

We will first face the Osijek Cannons team, where # 12 Borna Skala will be looking for captain Pavo Lukač and the catcher with the most goals, Altavilla Toni. Osijek started the Croatian flag football league with resounding victories, where the defence led by @Marin Ljubas @Matija Žegarac allowed only three touchdowns in two matches. It promises to be an exciting match.

The second match will be against Refoli Trieste - Flag Football Team. The Italians are veterans in flag football; last year, they won 11th place out of 16 teams in the Championship Bowl among national champions. The attack is commanded by # 21 passer Riccardo Ironman Ugin, who prefers to find, in our view, their # 27 best player Daniel Ritossa. Giovanni Dedenaro's # 5 centre also does a lot of "damage" with positive yardage after a caught ball, so opponents will have to watch out for both. Refoli players like to rotate in defence, but they rely on # 10 Samuele Casale and the previously mentioned # 21, who play both sides.

The third match will be against our killers, our first Bowl, Příbram Bobcats. The Czechs inflicted one of the heaviest defeats on us last season, when we lost 19:18 against them, although we recorded four intercepted passes in the defence. #55 @Bohuslav Rom stopped our run attacks perfectly. Blitzer Tomaš Bučil made it very difficult for our passer to throw. # 7 @ Tomaš Vokurka Bobcats pitcher liked to find # 11 Jiri Kohut, the tallest player we've ever seen. We will see if the Czechs come in the same line-up, but an exciting match is promising.

In the last game of the day, we will play against Indjija Indians. The Serbs lost close to the New Belgrade Eagles in the final (they also play in the Adria Bowl). We know little about the Indjija team as the official roster has not been published anywhere, and we have never played against it. Indjija is multiple national champions (like Novo Mesto and now Jazbeci). Indians have some representatives in their ranks (also in the tackle); Stefan Borković, Vladimir Ikraš, and Stefan Zarić are just some of the names Indians that are known and dangerous.

I expect tough matches. This is our second international tournament. The first was ErreaBowl, which we hosted last year in Ljubljana. The boys worked hard before and at the beginning of the season and are ready. If their heads are in place, and I expect them to be, we can expect a visible ranking. Every game is a victory, we don't know otherwise, and success will come. I want us to lift the trophy on Sunday, "said coach Aleš Makuc

"Frogs is participating in an international tournament abroad for the first time, so it's hard to talk about the result ambitions. Most of the teams are unknown to us. We are still in the phase of getting to know some of our teammates. If we work from the first to the last second of each match and stick to what was agreed by the coach, we don't even have to deal with the results. Because we will already fulfil the plan and purpose of the trip to Rovinj! "Said offence, captain Žan Ocvirk.

"Everyone wants to enter the tournament with a winning mindset and a desire to win the cup. In three years, we have only one cup in our club showcase, so the desire to win the Adria Bowl is so much greater. The players prepared to the best of their ability that we will have to work even harder in defence and attack than in previous years. This year, we also trained much more on the " ball " game by trying to prevent opposing catchers from catching balls. but ready for all matches, "said defence captain Aljoša Kous