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Ljubljana Frogs Flag Football club starts SFFL week 1 with 2-1 score

Ljubljana Frogs Flag Football club starts SFFL week 1 with 2-1 score

Recap from Week 1 of the Slovenian Flag Football League (20.5.2023) held in Kočevje, Slovenia:

In the first game of the day, our team faced off against the Murska Sobota Storks, and we emerged victorious with a resounding 40-0 scoreline. Our players delivered an exceptional performance, especially #84 Marcel Medvešek, who made remarkable contributions with five touchdowns and a successful pass attempt. On the defensive side, #92 Dejan Filipović shone brightly, recording three tackles, two interceptions, and scoring a pick-six. The quarterback, #87 Gašper Bajt, exhibited impressive skills, throwing five touchdowns and completing four extra point attempts (1PA1). However, he also had four interceptions. The defense was led by captain #31 Aljoša Kous, who registered three tackles, while #7 Nils Just contributed with one interception and three tackles.

Unfortunately, in the second game, we faced a tough opponent, the Kranjski jazbeci, and suffered a defeat with a score of 44-14. Nevertheless, there were noteworthy performances from our players. #15 Ronald Williamson stood out with two interceptions, including a pick-six. #7 Nils Just had an outstanding game with an impressive ten tackles and one interception. Captain Aljoša Kous also displayed strong defensive skills, contributing seven tackles. Additionally, #10 Aleks Bordon caught a touchdown, and blitzer #90 Jan Lovše achieved a sack.

In the final game of the day, we rallied back and secured a victory against the Lazar Wild Hogs with a score of 40-13. Once again, the star player of the game was #7 Nils Just, who delivered an exceptional performance with six tackles, two interceptions (including a pick-six), and a receiving touchdown. #87 Gašper Bajt threw five touchdowns, but he also had four interceptions and completed four extra point attempts (4PA1). The highest number of tackles in the game was recorded by #8 Žan Luka Cegnar with eight, closely followed by defensive captain Aljoša Kous with six tackles. Touchdowns were scored by #15 RJ Williamson, #10 Aleks Bordon, #84 Marcel Medvešek, and #92 Dejan Filipović.

Overall, it was a well-fought tournament characterized by strong defensive stops and successful offensive plays. However, there is still room for improvement in our offensive execution as we approach Week 2. In the upcoming matches, we will face formidable opponents, including the undefeated Velenje Black Miners (3-0), the Novo mesto Knights (2-1), and the Ajdovščina Gladiators (0-3).