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Stronghold taking place in flag football Ljubljana

Stronghold taking place in flag football Ljubljana

Stronghold coming out! It's not 4th of July, but it is 2 days prior the event. 8 flag football teams from Europe will compete for the first throne to show which team has the right Stronghold to attack or to defend.  

A stronghold is a fortified place that is used to defend against attack or invasion. A castle is a large, fortified building or set of buildings, typically built on high ground and surrounded by a moat or other protective barrier. Castles were often used as strongholds, but not all strongholds were castles. 

Castles were generally larger and more elaborate than strongholds, and often had features like high walls, towers, and drawbridges to provide additional protection. Additionally, castles were typically built by rulers or nobles to serve as their residence and as a symbol of their power, whereas strongholds could be built by anyone for the purpose of defense. 

8 flag football teams, 8 cities, 8 castles, 1 king of the castles. 200 eur registration fee, max 15 players per team, every player gets water, lunch for both days, we organise refs. 3 teams already committed, 5 places available. Every team is playing every team, IFAF rules, 2x 20 minutes clock. 

Registration opens 3. 1. 2023. We help to find you the right plane tickets and accomodation. More info's on [email protected] or on our Instagram page !